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Learn about E-Systems.

Lear is a global leader in the development and manufacture of complete electrical systems, connection systems, and integrated electronics. Our expertise with the total vehicle electrical architecture and our recognized capability in systems integration provides our customers with uniquely optimized automotive electrical and electronics solutions globally.

Learn about Seating.

As one of the world's only fully integrated manufacturers of the entire seat, we have a proven track record in delivering quality seating systems to the auto industry at competitive prices.

Learn about Crafted by Lear.

When you experience a Crafted by Lear seat, you feel a manufacturer’s inspired design brought to life with its original emotional intent intact. From early inspiration to beautifully engineered completion, Lear delivers more throughout our collaborative process for your brand.

Learn about Lear Connexus.

As the smartest integrated solution provider for smart devices on wheels, Lear Corporation has established Lear Connexus as its future-forward resource for all things regarding vehicle connectivity, able to provide software and hardware that manages and distributes the full complement of communication signals in, out and around the vehicle.

Products Products

From Components to Complete Systems.

The continuing story of innovation at Lear begins with the discipline of design focused on delivering products that drive solutions for the increasing expectations of the end-consumer. We invite you to discover some recent successes making an impact in the automotive industry.

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