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Leather The tradition of skilled artisans meeting modern science.


In 2015, the world’s largest global supplier of premium automotive leather, Eagle Ottawa, joined Lear, bringing consistent leadership, expertise and a rich 150 year history to further strengthen Lear’s industry-leading seat cover design, increase our development capabilities and enhance overall craftsmanship of the seat. As the largest global consumer of automotive leather in the world, Lear had earlier expanded vertical integration in 2006 to begin finishing leather and launched its Aventino® Collection the next year.

With a low-cost manufacturing footprint and a balanced customer mix, we serve virtually every major automaker in the world with 11 manufacturing facilities strategically located in Mexico, China, Brazil, Hungary, and Thailand.

In addition to being first-to-market in soil-prevention finishing, recycled composition leather, and low-volatile emission leather, Eagle Ottawa’s clear advantage extends beyond leather processing and design capabilities that differentiate its products for the end consumer.

Eagle Ottawa’s strong relationships with manufacturers complement Lear’s fabric and cut & sew capabilities to deliver proprietary design development and co-branded leather; provide the ultimate in customization from laser etching to custom embroidery and other effects; and offer global leadership focused on craftsmanship, comfort, durability/cleanability and cost.

With a well-established and attested reputation for excellence in seating, Lear’s philosophy of Components2Complete (C2C) seating highlights a strategic vision from design to delivery, encompassing the drive for the highest quality within a seat to the totality of the customer relationship.

Lear products enhance the enthusiast’s experience in prestigious sports cars and delight the driver in sumptuous manner for compelling premium models as well as value choices that enhance the most popular vehicles today. From stunningly thin profiles to clever weight-saving within stylish design, we deliver for the world’s most demanding automakers without compromising on craftsmanship and comfort. With our global capability and experience in major platform production, our expertise in Just-in-Time assembly and customer focus delivers across the spectrum of vehicle nameplates and models.

We invite you with our concise presentation to view the pillars of our approach to provide capabilities for today’s inclusive, intelligent automotive seat that is the answer for present day needs and designed to embrace and furnish tomorrow’s innovations for consumers around the world.

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