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In 2016 Lear announced a strategic partnership with Tempronics, pursuant to which Lear obtained a minority interest in Tempronics and secured exclusive rights to its seat cooling and heating technology for automotive applications.

Tempronics’ distributed thermoelectric conductive cooling/heating solution – the Climate Ribbon™ - cools and heats seats faster and to a greater extent than any other system available.

As the global leader in luxury and performance automotive seating, Lear integrates the Tempronics Climate Ribbon™ by weaving the ribbon into the foam just below the surface of the seat and yielding an even and consistent climate controlled surface.

Tempronics' conduction-based approach versus other convection-driven climate systems results in lower energy consumption that, in turn, translates to extended range on electric vehicles and better gas mileage on combustion engine vehicles.

Other advantages include: design flexibility that eliminates the need for perforated leather; the ability to heat and cool in the same device, the option to combine with ventilation; simultaneous cooling and heating in selective areas; and more.

With global capabilities to produce fully integrated seats from design to Just-in-Time assembly to delivery to meet our customers’ needs, Lear adds an additional significant technological advance to its 100-year legacy of innovation and quality.

Tempronics is a Tucson, AZ based solid-state thermoelectric device company addressing a variety of markets including automotive; off-road, commercial and emergency vehicles; bedding; wearables; and office furniture.                    

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