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Lear Singapore Celebrates Chinese New Year at Senior Residence

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Lear Singapore continued a community service tradition, for the fourth consecutive year, by visiting the Singapore Adventist Home for Elders and sharing an afternoon with its senior residents. Lear’s CFO and Vice President of Finance for Asia, Dave Smidt, and his wife Deborah were also in attendance.

In addition to entertaining and spending time with the home’s residents, Lear sponsored and organized a special Yusheng dinner—a local custom during Chinese New Year, symbolizing the sharing of joy and good luck.

To add to the festivities, Dave dressed as the traditional God of Fortune, much to the appreciation of the elders. Deborah and Lim Kwang Leong, Senior I.T. Manager, served as masters of ceremonies, guiding everyone in bingo games and singing.

“We spent a wonderful afternoon at the elders’ home, and some of them made a special point to come up to us to shake hands and thank us for the visit,” said Eva Zhu, Assistance Finance Controller of Asia. “One lady told me that she was especially looking forward to our visit, and the bingo game and winning the prize was the highlight of her day. ‘However, the God of Fortune looks a bit different from last year,’ she mentioned with a smile.”

Adventist Home Manager Maryanne Tan said, “We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the management and staff of Lear Corporation, for giving our elderly a remarkable afternoon. We thank you for the contributions and wish the organization more success to come.”

“It was great to participate in the event this year, after hearing about it last year,” Dave said. “It was very fulfilling to see the happiness this event brings to the elders but also to the faces of our Lear team. The Lear team did a great job planning and organizing everything.” Dave also expressed special thanks to Wendy Khoo for helping to coordinate the event, shop for gifts and order dinner, and to Chen Yu for being the team’s photographer.

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Lear Vélizy Raises Funds for Young Hospital Patients

On February 19, Lear Vélizy team members Emmanuelle Bulot, Martin Deïssard and Emilie Bergot visited the adolescent ward of the Gustave Roussy Institute, one of the world’s leading cancer research hospitals and one of Europe’s largest oncology centers.

Isabel Hanot, VAT and Customs Director for Europe and Africa, lead the community service effort in cooperation with hospital staffer Mariano Capuano. A special Lear charity bowling event and raffle raised funds for gifts to be purchased for the teenagers being treated at the Institute. The Lear team purchased items such as watches, DVDs, comics and books to raise the spirits of the young patients.

“Our hospital specializes in rare cancer cases,” explained Capuano. “Most of our teens and young adults regularly come for heavy treatments. We try to recreate a family atmosphere and any help in improving their daily lives at the hospital is highly appreciated. This event shows how the hospital professionals and the Lear team can combine their efforts.”

José Barreira, a participant from the Lear team, said, “I enjoyed seeing all these Lear people gathered together for such a good reason.” This was “a nice moment, which was so moving and powerful,” added Larissa Geus, another Lear team member.

During the visit, the Lear team enjoyed an opportunity to speak with the teens and to personally present each of them with a watch of their preference.

“Through their courage, these teens taught us to have a sense of humor and wisdom, how to look ahead in life despite serious diseases and how to handle difficulties with optimism,” said Bulot. “This was a lesson to us all. It brought us great joy to be able to connect with them and to discuss things like our jobs and their hopes for their life in the future.”

With more than 120 team members, Lear Vélizy is a R&D center as well as a corporate and French administrative office located near Paris. Founded in 1926, the Gustave Roussy Institute is located in Villejuif, 4.5 miles south of Paris’ city center. Its mission is to take a wholly-integrated approach to the teaching, research and care of cancer.

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Lear Brazil Partners with the United Way to Collect Books for Kids

Lear Brazil’s São Paulo office recently delivered more than 180 books collected over two weeks in a campaign to support the Centro de Ensino Integrado (CEI) Paulo and Admar. Located in the southern area of São Paulo, CEI serves 130 underprivileged children, ages one to four, who live in the surrounding community.

The effort began with the office’s desire to raise awareness and partner with the United Way of Brazil in the “I Make a Child Happy” campaign. Lear team members spent the day teaching and doing fun activities with the children.

“For me it was very gratifying to see the children of CEI Paulo and Admar smile because of our visit,” said Deise Flores Justo, financial analyst. “Lear Brazil must be congratulated for the initiative. I’m sure the difference towards major changes begins in small gestures like this one.”

“We saw the reality of this community in need and then came back with an idea of ‘I want to do more’, either how to help the kids or in improving the infrastructure of the nursery for their welfare,” added Luciana Fugita, HR analyst. “I loved the experience of giving back.”

Lear Europe Teams Run for Charitable Causes

On October 26, Lear representatives teamed up with global law firm Mayer Brown to participate in the Frankfurt Marathon. With approximately 15,000 participants, the BMW-sponsored marathon is one of the largest in all of Europe.

The runners raised funds for a local Frankfurt charity that supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds who would otherwise have limited access to better education.

“The two combined Mayer Brown/Lear teams finished in 4:03:05 hours and 4:03:06 hours, respectively,” noted Martin Henningsen, VP Associate General Counsel. “However, much more importantly than any finishing time was the joint effort (and fun) to accomplish something together and to help people in need. We agreed unanimously to participate again next year and hope to build even more relay teams.”

Earlier in the month, 33 Lear employees from Wackersdorf and Oberding participated in the Munich Marathon, whose attendance fees benefit various local charities. The race drew a crowd of 100,000 to cheer on the more than 21,000 runners from 101 nations who all joined together to race through the city streets.

Christian Wiens was the only Lear employee to run the full marathon distance of 42 km, with a time of 3:50 hours. The top runner of the six Lear employees who ran the half-marathon (21 km) was Kristof Baltay (1:30 hours), while Steffen Hammerby was the best of the seven 10 km runners, achieving a time of 40 minutes. Twelve Lear employees ran the marathon in teams consisting of four persons each, with Tariq Parvaiz (6.8 km), Rolando Diaz (14.4 km) and Ibrahim Hamayel (21 km) achieving the fastest group time.

“Thanks to all who supported this event, especially to Christian Wiens and Ibrahim Hamayel and to all the other runners,” said Rebecca Igler, HR – Oberding. “We are looking forward to the next running events where we can combine pursuing health and helping the community in which we do business.”

Jim Casey, Plant Manager – Sunderland, explained: “We enjoy supporting the community and it is always good to be able to set a good example of giving back. We partnered with another local company to assist some local boys who needed to raise money for their Under-11 soccer team. Working together, we were very successful and I am proud to say that the boys came up with the idea to donate the excess funds to local cancer research.”

Lear India Organizes Blood Drive

In coordination with Sassoon General Hospital, on November 14, Lear India organized a blood donation campaign at Bhosari in Pune, India. Team members from the India Engineering Center, regional headquarters and Chakan all volunteered to participate.

After a brief medical checkup, participants donated more than 150 units of blood for those in need. First-time volunteers, as well as those who have participated in past company-supported efforts, all enjoyed the experience and shared in the spirit of selfless service.

Donating blood is one of the simplest ways to contribute to the health of others. In the past, India has registered severe shortfalls in the amount of blood units required, thus impacting timely and critical medical attention to many patients.

In recognition of their outstanding contributions to blood donations, Lear India received a Certificate of Merit from the local medical college and hospital. The donors each received an individual certificate of recognition and also a card entitling them to one free unit of blood from the governmental blood bank over the next year, should they experience a need themselves.

Lear India’s leadership team thanked the donors for their participation, noting that medical experts say one unit of donated blood can save up to three lives.

“Once again we’ve shown that Lear always contributes towards society and in this effort is helping to save lives,” explained Dhaamodharan Perumalsamy, VP & Managing Director – India. “We are happy to conduct such a drive in our company and we are quite impressed by the response of the employees. We wish to assist many such camps in other Lear India locations.  There is no substitute for human blood. Blood cannot be manufactured – it can only come from generous donors. Blood donation is the easiest and the most powerful way to make an impact.”

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