On February 19, Lear Vélizy team members Emmanuelle Bulot, Martin Deïssard and Emilie Bergot visited the adolescent ward of the Gustave Roussy Institute, one of the world’s leading cancer research hospitals and one of Europe’s largest oncology centers.

Isabel Hanot, VAT and Customs Director for Europe and Africa, lead the community service effort in cooperation with hospital staffer Mariano Capuano. A special Lear charity bowling event and raffle raised funds for gifts to be purchased for the teenagers being treated at the Institute. The Lear team purchased items such as watches, DVDs, comics and books to raise the spirits of the young patients.

“Our hospital specializes in rare cancer cases,” explained Capuano. “Most of our teens and young adults regularly come for heavy treatments. We try to recreate a family atmosphere and any help in improving their daily lives at the hospital is highly appreciated. This event shows how the hospital professionals and the Lear team can combine their efforts.”

José Barreira, a participant from the Lear team, said, “I enjoyed seeing all these Lear people gathered together for such a good reason.” This was “a nice moment, which was so moving and powerful,” added Larissa Geus, another Lear team member.

During the visit, the Lear team enjoyed an opportunity to speak with the teens and to personally present each of them with a watch of their preference.

“Through their courage, these teens taught us to have a sense of humor and wisdom, how to look ahead in life despite serious diseases and how to handle difficulties with optimism,” said Bulot. “This was a lesson to us all. It brought us great joy to be able to connect with them and to discuss things like our jobs and their hopes for their life in the future.”

With more than 120 team members, Lear Vélizy is a R&D center as well as a corporate and French administrative office located near Paris. Founded in 1926, the Gustave Roussy Institute is located in Villejuif, 4.5 miles south of Paris’ city center. Its mission is to take a wholly-integrated approach to the teaching, research and care of cancer.

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