Aissam Chaouki

Human Resources Director - Electrical, Spain & North Africa

Our Lear Rabat electrical plant Morocco's first automotive electronics plant, started at zero. Actually, not quite zero – our plans included Aissam Chaouki who had 22 years of work experience in the different facets of electronics manufacturing, from engineering to Human Resources.

That last position, as HR Director of his country's first general electronics plant, would help when he came to Lear Corporation to begin work that resulted in the Lear Rabat plant opening in May 2011. Aissam had earned a Ph.D. in Applied Physics, specializing in semiconductors, when he began his career but his learning never stopped. After starting out in quality engineering, he served as an operations manager and technical director before becoming the Human Resources Director of Morocco's first multinational electronics company.

This global perspective made him an ideal choice to work for another multinational company like Lear. The only problem was that the plant didn't exist yet. But, as Aissam says, it was a "new opportunity to do something different," a challenge issued to someone who thrives on change and a vision of what could be. Not just technical and educational expertise, which Aissam already had; he additionally possessed those special interpersonal skills since "growing a new plant or business and starting from zero means doing a lot of things with people."

Though Aissam joined Lear in November 2010 and worked to see the Rabat plant's grand opening in May 2011, his eyes are still fixed on the future since Lear Rabat is forecasted to triple the growth of any other electronics firm in Morocco. Aissam cites the Lear culture and the spirit of teamwork for ongoing success. Lear presented the opportunity to use all his accumulated skills to achieve a high-profile goal and, reflecting on his career, he says, "This kind of experience happens one time in your life."