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Economic Well-Being Mielec Women’s Health, Blood & Tech Donation

Mielec Women’s Health, Blood & Tech Donation

For two days 183 women from Lear Mielec had mammography tests that were organized by the plant and the nearby Lux Med Medical Center which was able to provide a mobile facility on site. Given the importance of early detection should there be such a medical issue, Lear team members expressed a high degree of appreciation that Lear as an employer promoted such initiatives.

Additionally, last month Lear Poland's Mielec plant organized its second annual "My Blood, Your Life" campaign to promote team members' voluntary blood donations.

"There is no substitute for blood, so developing the habit of donating blood is an important social issue. We can only rely on volunteers like Lear employees to maintain a safe level of blood supply for our hospitals. This is why such events are so important to us," said Grzegorz Michalski (Mktg. Dir. - Rzeszow Regional Center for Blood Donation).

For two days Lear Mielec hosted the Center's mobile blood collection bus, which is a fully equipped unit with doctor's office, admissions office and four blood donation stations. Knowing that the summer period is very difficult for the Regional Center to maintain the required blood supply, Mielec employees responded with 40 volunteers donating a total of 18 liters.

The plant's effort also extend to helping out educating young people and as the Lear Mielec's management team is very interested in being a local Employer of Choice there was a decision made to donate the used computers and production equipment to a local technical high school in order to help students achieve higher educational standards and develop practical job knowledge. Mielec plant donated a total of 30 used computers and specialized equipment such as a Komax wire-cutting machine and welding machine.

"We do believe that such actions will significantly improve the level of practical job education and help the young become more aware of labor market expectations. We would like to welcome the best of them as part of our team in the near future," said Anna Tokarska (Mielec HR Mgr.). The city of Mielec itself is located about 250 km (150 miles) south of Warsaw.

Posted on 8/10/2016

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