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Economic Well-Being Lear Asia Leadership Visits proVISION Asia Charity in India

Lear Asia Leadership Visits proVISION Asia Charity in India

proVISION Asia is a charity network that helps support people with disabilities and its mission is to inspire hope by “providing an environment which fosters transformation” and emphasizes practical life skills training; provides mobility aids and physiotherapy; job placement assistance, education sponsorships and computer training; counseling; and more.

With the city of Bangalore and its needs being an important focus, Jay Kunkel (Pres. – Asia-Pacific Ops.) recently spent a day at what he maintains as his private charity effort to help those in need. This operation focuses on providing services for disabled and disadvantaged people in Bangalore, India, including surrounding villages up to 300 km (185 miles) outside the city.

Arvind Sharma (VP – Asia Supply Chain Mgt.), Wang Yan (Dir. – Asia Business Plng., Mktg. & Comm.) and Rajeev Chalana(Senior HR Mgr. – India) joined Jay in visiting the new office charity center. Those who have been helped through the charity work were in attendance and eager to meet the Lear team at the opening.

When asked about the charity, Jay says, “My family has ties that go back decades in India on my father’s side and while I try to participate with the tight schedule I have I provide financial assistance for these programs. While there are many sad stories there are also joyful stories as well of people who had no hope and have been given meaning and purpose to their lives. Visiting this location and meeting and talking to the people is probably the most humbling yet rewarding experience of my life.”

In an effort to eradicate polio in India, proVISION Asia is working to get rid of the disease with vaccines as well as helping those already affected through therapy. India has no safety net to speak of for these disabled people and the new facility the Lear team visited includes a school set up to help mentally handicapped children.

Bangalore is the capital city of the state of Karnataka is south-central India with a population of about 9 million. To learn more about proVISION Asia, please visit their website here.

Posted on 5/15/2017

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