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Corporate Recognition

Corporate Recognition

Lear’s corporate campus has been awarded the Michigan Clean Corporate Citizen Certificate of Recognition annually since 2005. The Clean Corporate Citizen (C3) program allows regulated establishments, that have demonstrated environmental stewardship and a strong environmental ethic throughout their operations in Michigan, to be recognized as Clean Corporate Citizens. The C3 program is voluntary and requires performance in three significant areas: environmental management, pollution prevention and environmental compliance.

Additionally, Lear’s corporate campus was once again recognized for environmental stewardship through the Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership (MBP3). Developed jointly by the business community and state government, the MBP3 program is managed by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance. The Partnership promotes the application of cost-effective, innovative techniques that lead to reductions in waste. Source reduction is the key to sustainable business along with reuse and recycling efforts.

The Mexican Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) awards Clean Industry Certification to facilities that demonstrate satisfactory accomplishment of legal requirements regarding environmental protection. Currently, 92% of Lear’s Mexico plants have been awarded with the Clean Industry Certification (39 plants).

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