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Square Ratio Smart Waste Solutions

Smart Waste Solutions

In Nizhny Novgorod, employees collected cardboard, plastic foils and fabric material residuals to reduce the environmental impact of their operation....

Posted 07/01/2019

Square Ratio Teaching through Play

Teaching through Play

To educate future generations about the environment, volunteer employees performed “The Boy and the Tree” at a local school. Dressed in costumes made...

Posted 07/01/2019

Square Ratio Cleaning Up the World

Cleaning Up the World

Employees from our facility in Navegantes joined the Cleaning Up The World project, coordinated by the Municipal Foundation of Environment. About 50...

Posted 07/01/2019

Square Ratio Green Teams

Green Teams

Our first Green Team in Southfield, Michigan, is working to create a culture of sustainability, reduce Lear’s environmental footprint, and coordinate...

Posted 07/01/2019

Square Ratio Biking

Biking to Work Reduces Emissions

Team members in Vyskov, Czech Republic walk and bike to work to help reduce emissions in their city and promote healthy lifestyles. In addition...

Posted 07/01/2019

Square Ratio Southfield Pollinator

Protecting Pollinators

Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths, wasps, flies, beetles and even a few bats move pollen between flowers, enabling the world’s flowering plants...

Posted 07/01/2019

Square Ratio Earth Day

Earth Day, Every Day

Even a 1% effort can add up to a big environmental impact when we work together. Our corporate-wide 1%, One Planet, One Lear campaign provided...

Posted 07/01/2019

Square Ratio Ecosia


Did you know that Internet searches can help plant trees? Our employees do. When they use Ecosia as a search engine and click on ads, Ecosia...

Posted 07/01/2019

Displaying: 1 - 14 of 14
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