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Connected Gateway Secure connection to the cloud and transportation environment.

Connected Gateway

The Connected Gateway connects the vehicle to the outside world, using multiple wireless technologies. It enables remote software update of ECUs in a secure manner and provides communication with other vehicles and roadside equipment/infrastructure to provide the means for improved safety, traffic control and mobility services & applications.


  • Connected Gateway provides a secure solution which is integrated with the car architecture. Off-the-shelf solutions based on consumer devices or add-ons are not integrated, and are less secure
  • Secure access to OEM cloud portal for over-the-air software update and diagnostics
  • Module supports eCall, which will be a legal requirement in Europe from 2015. Automated calling in case of vehicle accident or emergency
  • Supports V2X communications (vehicle-to-vehicle, -infrastructure, etc.) to increase road safety and convenience

Key Features

  • Supports multiple bus systems, including CAN, FlexRay, LIN, Ethernet, etc.
  • 2x Standard 100base-TX Ethernet ports + 1 x Ethernet BroadReach port
  • Internet/Data connection via 4G LTE cellular modem with backward compatibility
  • Location positioning via GPS / GLONASS
  • IEEE 802.11p, 27 Mbps (DSRC)
  • Integrated GSM antenna
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