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High Voltage Power & Control Modules

Lear has a track record of successful launches, and we categorize charging systems as the products that connect the vehicle to the grid while converting and transmitting the power to the vehicle’s high voltage battery. Lear’s engineering excellence and global manufacturing footprint provides:

  • Charging Systems
  • HP Distribution
  • Energy Management
  • WEVC
  • OBC- 3,7,11,22kw
  • Battery Management Electronics
    • Traction Inverters-HV & 48V
    • DC/DC Converters- HV & 48V
  • Expertise in HV Systems
  • Expertise in Power Electronics
    • Advanced magnetics topologies system integration

As the world market expands at an unprecedented pace, Lear established its innovative leadership at the outset and provides its expertise globally for all aspects of HV Power & Control Modules.


  • HV Power
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