On May 12, Lear’s Naco Plant in Honduras was honored with a visit from the country’s President, Mr. Juan Orlando Hernandez. The President was greeted by Jessica Galdamez (Plant Mgr.) and the local team, as well as Alfonso Delgadillo (VP – Electrical Ops., Americas); Gabriel Lujan (VP – HR, Lear Mexico); Lorena Loya (HR Dir.); and Rafael Coello (Electrical Ops. Dir, Central & South America).

“It was an honor to receive the visit from our country’s president,” said Jessica. “It’s important to take this opportunity to thank all team members over the years and highlight our emphasis on being the best representatives of the Lear spirit around the world.”

Lear Naco has created more than 2,000 new jobs in the last year under the Honduran government-led program “Con Chamba Vivis Mejor” (“You will live better with a job”). President Hernandez explained to the Lear executives that he wants to support the investment in Honduras and generate more job opportunities for Honduran people. This visit also helped the President to become better acquainted with Lear operations at the plant—the largest Lear wiring operation in the Americas, with more than 6,000 team members.

In addition to continuing to assist new jobs creation with the program, President Hernandez also talked with Lear employees about other social programs that will benefit them, such as access to affordable home credits with the lowest interest rate.

In a special meeting with the President, the Lear management team shared Lear’s global profile and how Lear has been positively impacting the community for 21 years, with the expectation of continuing to work together for everyone’s benefit. Additionally, Mr. Hernandez offered to improve the customs system in the maritime ports in order to expedite the materials imported to the country—one of the biggest opportunities identified by Honduran operations.

At the end of the event, employee representative Armin Canales offered a present to Mr. Hernandez: a wire harness made by Lear Naco employees as a memento of his visit, and Naco’s contribution to the local economy and the global automotive industry.

“Lear has made a commitment to continue working together as much as possible with the government to promote more job opportunities for the Honduran people,” said Gabriel. “We would like to thank everyone at the Naco plant for the warm welcome extended to our important guest and we look forward to even more progress in the region.”

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