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Operational Excellence by Lear: New Partnership with Xenith Brings Jobs to Detroit

On April 28, Lear Corporation announced its partnership with Xenith, a developer of innovative world-class football helmets and other sporting gear.

The company relocated helmet assembly operations from the east coast to Detroit to partner with Lear and several other Detroit-based companies. Major investors include Quicken Loans Chairman and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores, owner of the Detroit Pistons.

The Xenith production facility in Detroit will employ approximately 60-70 full-time employees, with Lear workers comprising a majority of the assembly workforce.

Xenith is known for its high-tech helmets, featuring Xenith Adaptive Head Protection®. The innovative system is modeled after air-bag technology to minimize head movement during sudden impact and reduce the risk of concussion.

The partnership with Xenith further displays Lear’s reputation for superior quality, expertise in manufacturing and customer service.

“We currently supply performance textiles that are used in some of the biggest brand-name sports apparel in the business,” said Lear Vice President of Seating for the Americas Jeneanne Hanley. “This opportunity with Xenith will allow Lear to leverage our expertise in manufacturing and our culture of operational excellence to produce outstanding sporting equipment while bringing jobs to Detroit.”

On top of bringing new jobs to the area, Xenith is committed to sourcing as many of its materials as possible directly from Michigan. Detroit investors are thrilled to welcome Xenith to the local manufacturing landscape.

“From the earliest automobiles to today’s top-quality Shinola watches and bikes, Detroit’s reputation for manufacturing, assembly and design is unmatched,” said Dan Gilbert. “Xenith is honored to join the ranks of so many storied brands made in Detroit. We look forward to playing a key role in Detroit’s sports story, while growing a business and creating jobs alongside other quality manufacturers in our great city.”

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Changchun Lear FAWSN Seating Wins FAW-VW Award

At the Changchun FAW Volkswagen (FAW-VW) Purchasing Working Conference on January 15, Changchun Lear FAWSN Seating Plant was presented with the highest honor, the “PP Top 10 Supplier Award,” for its outstanding performance in quality, R&D, localization, delivery and project management.

The FAW-VW administration and management committee, along with other members of FAW-VW management, VW Germany and Audi’s management team, and more than 600 suppliers, participated in the conference. Mr. Liu Xiyu, general manager of Changchun Lear FAWSN, attended the conference and received this award.

As Changchun Lear FAWSN Seating’s primary customer, FAW-VW produced in total and sold more than 1.8 million vehicles in 2014, which making it the production and sales leader in the China market.

“It was an honor to receive this prestigious award on behalf of the entire team as not only a reward for excellent work performed every day, but also as an incentive in the future for the best customer service,” said Xiyu.

“I would like to congratulate Changchun Lear FAWSN for this very impressive achievement,” said Jay Kunkel, president of Asia-Pacific operations. “Considering that we have about 700 people in Changchun, and more than 250 in Foshan, this is the definition of teamwork accomplished on a major scale.”

Charles Chang, VP and managing director of China, added, “Quality is a critical area for us to exceed our customer’s expectations. Not only did Changchun Lear FAWSN accomplish this but also did so in the areas of R&D, localization, delivery and project management.”

Changchun Lear FAWSN Automotive Seat Systems Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2011 with predecessor Lear Changchun Automotive Interior Systems Co., Ltd. founded in 2004. Annually, the plant assembles 430,000 seat sets, along with foam for 380,000 sets and performing cut & sew for 400,000 sets. It also has a wholly owned subsidiary in the Foshan, Guangzhou province.

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Lear Ungheni in Moldova Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

On February 1, Lear Ungheni in Moldova held a special event at Ungheni City Hall to commemorate its fifth anniversary; an estimated 1,500 team members were in attendance. Lear Plant Manager Marian Lefter introduced special guests from Lear, including Sven Damm, Vice President of Trim Operations for Europe & Africa, and Simona Neacsu, Human Resources Director of Eastern Europe, as well as local representatives, including Mayor Alexandru Ambros, Iurie Toma, Ungheni District Head and Natalia Iepuras, Free Economic Zone Administrator.

Sven gave an inspirational speech expressing appreciation of Lear Ungheni’s achievements and its team spirit. The local representatives joined in to express their recognition and gratitude to Lear for being one of the biggest area employers and contributors to the local budget. They also awarded the plant with a special certificate for its role in the region’s development.

Event attendees enjoyed lively speeches, refreshments and local music. At the conclusion, the plant marked the occasion by sponsoring an exceptional fireworks show for the community.

“This was a great occasion to thank all of our team members for their dedication and constant effort,” said Marian. “We were able to recount past accomplishments, such as contributing to Lear’s 2012 Daimler Supplier Award from Mercedes-Benz for the Interior for Procurement—Cars and Vans category, and to be inspired to progress to the next level.”

Lear Ungheni officially began its operations in Moldova on February 1, 2010, as a cut & sew plant. It currently employs approximately 1,700 team members, with status as the country’s fourth biggest exporter.

Ungheni supplies Lear facilities in Bremen, Germany; Tychy Poland; and Kolin, Czech Republic. Important achievements for the plant include the Daimler award and the successful 2013 launch of the new C-class. The plant and other locations in Europe, South Africa, China and the United States provide Daimler with the complete range of Lear seat content as well as final assembly.

Ungheni also produces seat covers for the Ford Mondeo, Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroën C1. With a population of approximately 40,000, Ungheni is located between Chișinău, Moldova’s capital, and the Romanian border.

“This was a special moment to express appreciation and to receive the family spirit back from the team,” Sven added. “We’re moving forward in our commitment to excellence and I congratulate the team on its anniversary. We look forward to more success stories in the future.”

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Lear-STEC in Shanghai Wins Four Awards

Lear-STEC in Shanghai received four awards for its wire harness work in 2014—three from Shanghai General Motors (SGM) and one from the SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation). The plant is a joint venture of Lear and STEC, a subsidiary of SAIC.

“I’m really pleased about the customer recognitions that Lear-STEC has received thanks to outstanding performance during 2014,” said Arturo Alvarez, VP of Electrical Operations in Asia. “I would like to congratulate the STEC team, led by our General Manager, Fang Dan, on its great job.”

The SGM awards include the Green Supply Chain Award for lean manufacturing and Value Stream Mapping activity; the Quality System Basics Outstanding Process Award for continuous quality improvement; and an award for 100% on-time delivery for the year from SGM’s Yantai plant. SAIC awarded Lear-STEC its Outstanding Quality Performance Award for being one of its best suppliers.

“This is the first time the plant has received a quality award from SGM, which has very high quality requirements,” added Hyo C. Kim, general manager. “An award is a significant achievement and to receive four illustrates the hard work and dedication of the team.”

With more than 2,500 team members, Lear-STEC began operations in 2003 and produces wire harnesses for SGM, SAIC, Volkswagen and Qoros. General Motors accounts for approximately 45% of its sales, with SAIC sales providing about 12% of its total. SAIC is the largest Chinese OEM by volume, having produced 4.5 million vehicles in 2014. SGM is General Motor’s largest joint venture (out of ten) in China, with the company’s total sales of all products sold under the Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Baojun, Wuling and Jiefang nameplates totaling 3.5 million units.

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Lear Southfield Team Wins Weight Loss Challenge Award

Congratulations to our Lear Southfield team members for being awarded first place in the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Michigan “Win by Losing Weight Loss Challenge” in the “30–59 Participating” category!

Our own Christina Rangel, Manager of Health & Welfare Plan Administration, welcomed BCBS Account Manager Karen Parenteau, who praised the team for achieving the highest result in its group. Parenteau presented the award to Lori Hemingway, Senior IT Specialist, who accepted on Lear’s behalf.

“Lori has been coordinating weight loss challenges on the Southfield campus for the past several years, way before the BCBS ‘Win by Losing Challenge,’” said Rangel. “None of this would have been possible without her support and dedication.”

Hemingway explained, “This award is really a group effort, with every participant contributing to our weight loss total of nearly 300 pounds. Part of what is great about working at Lear is looking at things that add to work-life balance and being healthier is a key part.”

In addition to Hemingway and Rangel, Southfield team participants included: Ashley Baisch, Rhonda Bassett-Siegel, Jennifer Bernardelli, Rod Bradley, Sarah Braun, Katie Clark, Greg Fraley, John Gilbert, Gary Hammond, Pam Harris, Jeffrey Harton, Penny Harton, Christopher Johnson, Mark Karges, Tracie Kelp, Michael King, Patricia Kus, Kevin Lalonde, Jill Lohr, Dave McNulty, Susan Milana, Kerry Mitchell, Beth Moore, Robert Murri, Sashanka Nukala, Jennifer O’Dowd, Thom Polera, Jason Pringle, Suzanne Robison, Raylene Russell, Inshad Saad, Jeff Schiefer, Bill Schoewe, Rajesh Sivakumar, Bill Webster and David Zarzycki.

Please visit to learn more about the challenge and to see the full list of winners. The website also offers a helpful online tool kit, complete with exercise and diet tips, more than 40 healthy recipes, videos on health and wellness and other resources for anyone interested in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

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