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Gesundheitstag Brings Health and Safety Resources to Lear Wackersdorf

Lear Wackersdorf recently organized a special “Gesundheitstag” (Health Day) for its employees. Health information and resources were made available to all during this fun learning experience.

BMW Gesundheitsdienst (Health Service) provided blood pressure and blood sugar tests, with its medical officer on-site for explanations. AOK, a German public health insurance company, provided information on activities promoting health. They also brought along their “Bobbycar,” which participants rode with special goggles to illustrate what it would be like to operate a vehicle while impaired.

Tuja, a professional staffing company, brought along health and safety representatives who encouraged the use of personal protective equipment. A physician showed team members the elements of resuscitation training that they might use in case of emergencies.

“It was great to have a day focusing on health issues at Wackersdorf as another example of providing support to our site,” said HR specialist Bianca Gollwitzer. “We in Human Resources would like to thank our guests and of course all of our team members who made this day special.”

Lear Europe Teams Run for Charitable Causes

On October 26, Lear representatives teamed up with global law firm Mayer Brown to participate in the Frankfurt Marathon. With approximately 15,000 participants, the BMW-sponsored marathon is one of the largest in all of Europe.

The runners raised funds for a local Frankfurt charity that supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds who would otherwise have limited access to better education.

“The two combined Mayer Brown/Lear teams finished in 4:03:05 hours and 4:03:06 hours, respectively,” noted Martin Henningsen, VP Associate General Counsel. “However, much more importantly than any finishing time was the joint effort (and fun) to accomplish something together and to help people in need. We agreed unanimously to participate again next year and hope to build even more relay teams.”

Earlier in the month, 33 Lear employees from Wackersdorf and Oberding participated in the Munich Marathon, whose attendance fees benefit various local charities. The race drew a crowd of 100,000 to cheer on the more than 21,000 runners from 101 nations who all joined together to race through the city streets.

Christian Wiens was the only Lear employee to run the full marathon distance of 42 km, with a time of 3:50 hours. The top runner of the six Lear employees who ran the half-marathon (21 km) was Kristof Baltay (1:30 hours), while Steffen Hammerby was the best of the seven 10 km runners, achieving a time of 40 minutes. Twelve Lear employees ran the marathon in teams consisting of four persons each, with Tariq Parvaiz (6.8 km), Rolando Diaz (14.4 km) and Ibrahim Hamayel (21 km) achieving the fastest group time.

“Thanks to all who supported this event, especially to Christian Wiens and Ibrahim Hamayel and to all the other runners,” said Rebecca Igler, HR – Oberding. “We are looking forward to the next running events where we can combine pursuing health and helping the community in which we do business.”

Jim Casey, Plant Manager – Sunderland, explained: “We enjoy supporting the community and it is always good to be able to set a good example of giving back. We partnered with another local company to assist some local boys who needed to raise money for their Under-11 soccer team. Working together, we were very successful and I am proud to say that the boys came up with the idea to donate the excess funds to local cancer research.”

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