Lear Brazil’s São Paulo office recently delivered more than 180 books collected over two weeks in a campaign to support the Centro de Ensino Integrado (CEI) Paulo and Admar. Located in the southern area of São Paulo, CEI serves 130 underprivileged children, ages one to four, who live in the surrounding community.

The effort began with the office’s desire to raise awareness and partner with the United Way of Brazil in the “I Make a Child Happy” campaign. Lear team members spent the day teaching and doing fun activities with the children.

“For me it was very gratifying to see the children of CEI Paulo and Admar smile because of our visit,” said Deise Flores Justo, financial analyst. “Lear Brazil must be congratulated for the initiative. I’m sure the difference towards major changes begins in small gestures like this one.”

“We saw the reality of this community in need and then came back with an idea of ‘I want to do more’, either how to help the kids or in improving the infrastructure of the nursery for their welfare,” added Luciana Fugita, HR analyst. “I loved the experience of giving back.”