Congratulations to our Lear Southfield team members for being awarded first place in the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Michigan “Win by Losing Weight Loss Challenge” in the “30–59 Participating” category!

Our own Christina Rangel, Manager of Health & Welfare Plan Administration, welcomed BCBS Account Manager Karen Parenteau, who praised the team for achieving the highest result in its group. Parenteau presented the award to Lori Hemingway, Senior IT Specialist, who accepted on Lear’s behalf.

“Lori has been coordinating weight loss challenges on the Southfield campus for the past several years, way before the BCBS ‘Win by Losing Challenge,’” said Rangel. “None of this would have been possible without her support and dedication.”

Hemingway explained, “This award is really a group effort, with every participant contributing to our weight loss total of nearly 300 pounds. Part of what is great about working at Lear is looking at things that add to work-life balance and being healthier is a key part.”

In addition to Hemingway and Rangel, Southfield team participants included: Ashley Baisch, Rhonda Bassett-Siegel, Jennifer Bernardelli, Rod Bradley, Sarah Braun, Katie Clark, Greg Fraley, John Gilbert, Gary Hammond, Pam Harris, Jeffrey Harton, Penny Harton, Christopher Johnson, Mark Karges, Tracie Kelp, Michael King, Patricia Kus, Kevin Lalonde, Jill Lohr, Dave McNulty, Susan Milana, Kerry Mitchell, Beth Moore, Robert Murri, Sashanka Nukala, Jennifer O’Dowd, Thom Polera, Jason Pringle, Suzanne Robison, Raylene Russell, Inshad Saad, Jeff Schiefer, Bill Schoewe, Rajesh Sivakumar, Bill Webster and David Zarzycki.

Please visit to learn more about the challenge and to see the full list of winners. The website also offers a helpful online tool kit, complete with exercise and diet tips, more than 40 healthy recipes, videos on health and wellness and other resources for anyone interested in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

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