Improving efficiency. Increasing power density. Enhancing user experiences.

Advanced, scalable power solutions will help electrified vehicles charge faster, drive further and provide a memorable experience to the occupant. With our deep electrification experience, trusted design capabilities and highly advanced automated manufacturing processes, Lear is a leader in high power delivery, conversion, management and integration.

Electrical Distribution Systems

Wiring, connection systems, power distribution boxes and scalable power management systems all with the capability to provide a range of solutions, from full service to build-to-print to systems integration.


Low voltage and high voltage alternative material wire, routing aids and coverings with reduced size and weight for increased content growth with less environmental impact.

Connection Systems

Our industry leading advanced product portfolio delivers increased power capabilities while reducing packaging size for a customizable product offering, fitting our customers every need.

Power Electronics

Lear's extensive suite of advanced on-board battery chargers, DC/DC converters, integrated power modules, battery management systems, high-voltage battery disconnect unit and power management modules is charged for the future and ready now.