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Daniela Petrikova Plant Manager - Slovakia

Daniela Petrikova

Having graduated from the Technical University in Liberec, Czech Republic, with a master’s of engineering degree, Daniela Petrikova started at Lear in 2007 as an industrial engineer and one year progressed to production manager. She remembers, “My dream position at that time was to become a Continuous Improvement coordinator and not only did that happen in January 2009 but that May I was offered the opportunity to become an operations manager. I've realized that thanks to a great team here I can help continuous improvement efforts as well as managing things such as assembly, welding, press operations and the paint line.”

Two years later she added supervising the maintenance department and since April 2012 Daniela was promoted to plant manager and continued her mission in continuous improvement full time. “I had noticed from the very beginning at Lear that this company has a great drive,” she adds. “I love things to move forward and enjoy what innovations and new technologies can teach me. This motivates creative people and we can find a great deal of satisfaction in this special benefit to keep growing that Lear offers.”

Daniela observes that the metals business is very specific and it isn’t possible to have all processes automated. The team must utilize the continuous improvement process and look for innovation every day and take the mindset to make the challenges clear and the workplace an even more attractive place to which to contribute. She cites her belief that Lear Presov is achieving that daily commitment where there’s always a way to get better and “when others outside of Lear might talk about what is impossible, we look for further possibilities.”

In addition to her focus on adding to her knowledge, Daniela also works with her team on employee development. Since 2013 Presov has promoted Lear Academy activities to build leadership through the plant and ensure management communicates clearly through supervisors to the newest hire on the shop floor.

“Through my previous work experience I had a chance to learn more about French, German and Slovak cultures and working for a global team I can always gain more understanding from around the world,” she concludes. “Lear’s culture suits me the best and I can add some insight from my own background, such as the famous words from the Czech footwear entrepreneur, Tomas Bata, who said, 'You can take all of the machines away from me and just leave me people and I will build the company the next day.”

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