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Joanne Kang Account Representative, Sales & Marketing

Joanne Nayeon Kang

Joanne Kang graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and, while studying there, she also participated in a yearlong study abroad program in Germany at the University of Freiburg.

She started her career with Yura Corporation in Korea, a major wiring harness and components supplier for Hyundai/Kia Motors Company (HKMC) and began as a design review engineer on a wiring harness design analysis team for three and a half years. “I played a key role in performing design reviews for each vehicle development phase of HKMC and my main role was to review circuit schematics and review test cars in the field for assigned programs,” Joanne remembers. “This was when I first began to fall in love with the automobile industry.”

She became a member of the Lear family this February and is currently working as an account representative for electronics opportunities with HKMC and also working on terminals and connectors growth activities in Korea. “I consider myself to have a short experience in the sales field but am appreciative of Lear providing this opportunity,” she notes. “I am thankful that as I interact with different people here, I meet great mentors everywhere and get close guidance and support from them. Moreover, I get consistent encouragement to move forward along the way.”

Even though Joanne is fairly new to Lear, she is experiencing firsthand the many challenges and opportunities at Lear. “I consider it a privilege for me to be a member of the Lear family to grow and achieve the same goals together. On the one hand, my career background as an engineer really allows me to better understand engineering principles and, on the other hand, my multicultural background allows me to profoundly understand cultural differences.”

“I am already enjoying working with people here in the Seoul office,” she concludes. “I feel encouraged to contribute my background experience and knowledge as Lear Korea works as a team in a very competitive market. Although fairly new in terms of my career, I feel strongly that the emphasis on growth and teamwork applies to each of us as we aim to exceed our targets.”

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