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Newsroom Lear Introduces New Core Dimension Strategy


SOUTHFIELD, Mich., April 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Lear Corporation (NYSE: LEA) is transforming the way it brings products to market with its new Core Dimension product strategy. Lear will now introduce product and technology solutions as one of seven consumer-focused dimensions: Comfort & Convenience, Commonization, Craftsmanship, Environmental, Flexibility, Infotainment and Safety. These categories highlight dimensions of consumer emphasis where Lear innovation can make vehicles more attractive to consumers and potentially influence a purchasing decision.

With the core dimension strategy, Lear underscores its ability to provide automakers with the interior features categorized in the most frequently mentioned areas of importance by drivers as well as Lear's customers. Within each dimension, Lear offers consumers numerous innovations from one or more of Lear's three product segments: seating, electrical and electronics and interior products.

For example, Lear product experts who are assisting a customer with identifying product concepts for a vehicle platform favored by consumers who identify "Safety" as the primary consideration in the vehicle-purchase decision would focus on features that research has shown to be highly valued by that consumer segment.

"Given the industry's move away from total interiors, we looked for an alternative, more flexible way to present the company's product and technology capabilities," said Douglas DelGrosso, president and chief operating officer of Lear. "Our relentless focus on customer satisfaction and pursuit of world- class quality led us to identify these seven dimensions that are most important to our automotive customers and their consumers."

The seven dimensions identified were chosen based on the impact that each has on the overall consumer experience.

* Comfort & Convenience - Comfort and convenience features are no longer reserved solely for expensive luxury vehicles. Lear seating products are designed to achieve maximum passenger comfort by adding a wide range of manual and power capabilities. Lear's electronics product portfolio includes an extensive variety of wireless control systems that enhance driver convenience, and Lear's Interiors Systems Group offers technology and process innovations to meet this growing area of consumer demand.

* Commonization - Through the utilization of common systems, Lear offers a high level of reusable content across designs. This reduces costs but maintains the flexibility that automakers require to differentiate its vehicles platforms. While not a specific area of request by consumers, the benefits from commonization are passed by the automaker to vehicle consumers through cost and quality improvements.

* Craftsmanship - As a result of extensive consumer research, Lear understands what customers want in a vehicle interior. Realizing that the perception of a vehicle's quality is largely dependant upon its "look and feel" in the eyes of the consumer, Lear engineers and designers have developed

new manufacturing techniques to improve system harmony and design flexibility for automakers.

* Environmental - Consumer demand for more environmentally responsible vehicles is growing. Lear works closely with automakers and suppliers to support "green" manufacturing and to also reduce the environmental impact of its products. Lear has also turned its expertise in electrical distribution systems to developing hybrid solutions.

* Flexibility - Adaptability and functionality are key to creating a vehicle interior that will make a lasting impression on a consumer. To that end, configurability is emerging as a key purchase consideration. Lear has received customer awards for its expertise in flexible interior concepts.

* Infotainment - In the increasing world of "connectivity" drivers are demanding the information and entertainment features that make the daily commute more productive, or at the very least, relaxing and entertaining. Lear's expertise in interior components and state-of-the-art multimedia products can help automakers turn vehicle cabins into personalized sanctuaries.

* Safety - According to recent studies, safety has emerged as a key differentiator and vehicle selling point, with 6 of the top 10 features consumers would most likely purchase in their next automobile being safety related. Lear's product solutions offer automakers the technology they need to address the growing safety concern.

With content on more than 300 vehicle models worldwide, Lear is continually evolving its product and technology capabilities to meet the changing needs of automakers. Going forward, each of the company's new products will be brought to market in line with the new seven-dimension strategy.

Lear Corporation is one of the world's largest suppliers of automotive interior systems and components. Lear provides complete seat systems, electronic products and electrical distribution systems and other interior products. With annual net sales of $17.1 billion, Lear ranks #127 among the Fortune 500. The company's world-class products are designed, engineered and manufactured by a diverse team of 115,000 employees at 282 locations in 34 countries. Lear's headquarters are in Southfield, Michigan, and Lear is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol [LEA]. Further information about Lear is available on the Internet at .

SOURCE: Lear Corporation

CONTACT: Andrea Puchalsky, Director - Corporate Communications of Lear
Corporation, +1-248-447-1651

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Posted on 4/3/2006

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