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Lear Sustainability efforts have helped our communities, within our business product lines and operations to reaching outward as our team members have contributed to help the environment around the world.

Lear recognizes Three Pillars of Sustainability upon which to base our corporate activities: Economic Prosperity, Environmental Stew­ardship and Social Responsibility, with our global Environmental, Health & Safety policies addressing all Lear facilities. Within our Seating business segment, we are committed to research and develop new technologies to reduce environmental impact and we cre­ate design-for environment (DfE) concepts with recycled materials.

Lear developed the award-winning SoyFoam™, substituting soy polyol for petroleum polyol, and delivered our DECS™ and Evolution™ seating systems that combine weight reduction with bio- and recyclable-based innovations. Lear Seating has also brought to market our EcoPadding™ trim laminate that uses renewable cellulosic fibers and recycled polyester. Our focus on Sustainability also extends to our high quality leather, including our Natalle™ recycled composition leather as well as low volatile emission leather offerings.

From laboratory testing that comes to market to the big picture of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and by-product management and recycling wastes, Lear’s commitment to our shared Community continues so we all can prosper. 

Sustaining our environment for future generations

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