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ProActive Comfort

ProActive Comfort

For refinement far beyond any mechanical pre-set setting, INTU's™ Proactive Comfort is Lear’s intelligent seat adjustment technology, which provides ultimate comfort to the occupant. It allows the driver to self-select their personal driving mode, from sport, comfort, wellness, and custom settings. Beyond Lear’s legendary fit and finesse, ProActive Comfort has intelligence and dynamically adjusts as the person is driving. If driving a sports car around a sharp curve, Lear’s Proactive seating will give extra bolster support to hold the person in the seat. Or if taking a long road trip, ProActive Comfort continuously adjusts the lumbar to keep the person comfortable through the drive.

ProActive™ Comfort deploys a proprietary technology and an in-house analytical process, derived from our research and data points that are matched with Lear's Multi-Contour Seat Module to provide a driver with a seating position that promotes better comfort and wellness benefits.

No more switches or fumbling around on the side of the seat. Lear’s Proactive Comfort offers a simple, intuitive comfort solution to enhance the driving experience.

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