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Listen. Learn. Lead.

Our teams deliver the best products and technologies in Seating and E-Systems by fostering collaboration, inclusion, respect and excellence throughout Lear.


Together We Belong

You are welcome at Lear. Your ideas are heard. What may make you different also gives you value. Our DEI programs not only provide training and resources, but ensure that we live up to our values.

Together We Win

Lear is team-based and team-led. We wrote the playbook on employee engagement, helping teams improve leadership, work environments, and employee involvement and empowerment. Learn more about our company culture.

Together We Grow

Retaining talent is just as important as attracting it. Together We Grow shines a light on our talented and diverse employees, helping you proactively manage your career through mentoring, training on hard and soft skills, networking, and career mapping to reach the next level. Leadership development opportunities abound at Lear. No matter where you are in your career, Lear is for you. Learn more.


  • Newsweek - America's Greatest Workplaces for Diversity
  • Minority Engineer Magazine - Top 50 Employer
  • America’s Best Workplaces for Parents and Families
  • Volkswagen “The One” Award, Social & Diversity Category
  • CADIA Impact Award for Systemic Change
  • 100 Best Workplaces for Women in India

Our Values

Wherever you come from, whoever you are, your ideas and thoughts are welcomed and heard. Everyone in the company feels accepted, valued and has the opportunity to grow. Lear is known as a best-in-class workplace for all."
Derrick Mitchell
Chief Diversity Officer

Employee Resource Groups

Six employee resource groups provide support, networking and community outreach opportunities in 15 countries.


Lear African Ancestry Network

LAAN promotes diversity in the workplace through leadership, professional development and service to the community.


Global Resources & Opportunities for Women

GROW promotes the positive visibility of women through community impact, an inclusive work environment and Expect Respect culture.


Lear LGBT+ Outreach, Visibility, Education and Support

Lear LOVES is devoted to a culture of inclusion and the equality of love that advocates for the welfare, authenticity, and opportunity of all LGBT+ persons.


Lear Indian Origin Network

LION increases visibility and growth prospects for Indian origin professionals at Lear.


Lear Next Generation

LNG establishes and promotes Lear as a superior environment for the next generation of young professionals to develop professionally and personally.


Veterans at Lear Offering Resources

VALOR drives and supports success for veterans, inside and outside of Lear. 

Disclosure of EEO-1 Summary Data

As part of our commitment to transparency, we are publishing our consolidated EEO-1 summary data as submitted to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for calendar year 2023.