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Comfortable, intelligent seating shouldn’t take a back seat.

INTU™ seats are programmed to automatically identify occupant needs or points of discomfort and dynamically adjust to consumers with a better, highly personalized, in-vehicle experience. All features are customizable for OEMs while presenting consumers with an intuitive, user-friendly digital interface.


Feeling stressed? Your seat warms and massages tired muscles. Sleepy? Your seat alerts you to stay awake. Unusual heart rhythm? Critical data can be transmitted instantly via secure wireless communication to a health care professional or family member. Our non-intrusive sensor technology monitors biometrics for your well-being… and peace of mind.


INTU™ Comfort features turn a seat into a welcome escape. No more fumbling with levers and switches on the side of the seat. On long road trips, the seat continuously adjusts the lumbar support for optimal comfort throughout the drive. On sharp curves, the seat bolsters support to hug the driver to the seat. Derived from our research, INTU™ Comfort deploys proprietary.


Managing conversation and music among passengers is in the past. Our noise-cancelling solution combined with our Haptic Enhancement technology; occupants are in for a truly immersive audio experience. No more muting business meetings. No more listening to someone else’s music. No more headphones. Imagine the possibilities in ride-share or car-sharing programs. Lear provides the freedom to be alone with your tunes whenever you choose.


INTU™ Safety leverages dynamic connectivity technologies to create a safer environment inside the vehicle. By using an array of sensors, INTU™ Safety is able to intelligently activate counter measures to help ensure driver and occupant safety. With our proprietary safety algorithms, we can reposition front seats during a collision while the technology can detect when the driver is distracted and automatically apply appropriate counter measures to help minimize distractions.

Thermal Comfort

Thermal Comfort

Your perfect personal climate.

INTU™ Thermal Comfort is designed to deliver a personal climate environment via specific zonal controls to the occupant. By learning occupant preferences, the technology intuitively manages the vehicle’s energy by directing the air towards the individual’s body, instead of the traditional HVAC system which circulates air throughout the entire cabin, improving overall vehicle efficiency and contributing to the extended range of electrified vehicles.