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Guilford Performance Textiles by Lear

Guilford Performance Textiles by Lear

Guilford Performance Textiles by Lear delivers innovative interior solutions that include body cloth capabilities, headliner and specialty applications that complement our product line-up.

With over 65 years of experience, Guilford Performance Textiles by Lear has a diverse product portfolio which includes: warp knits, wovens, double-needle bar fabrics, as well as bi-laminate constructions. Our in-house technologies, lamination and composite capabilities are vertically integrated within Guilford to deliver superior quality and consistency.

As a market leader with global expertise Guilford’s engineers and designers work together and create customized, innovative interior fabric solutions, like TeXstyle™ Enhance, Defense, Lite and Tough that fit, form and function in any seat style.

As part of the Lear family, the world’s most fully integrated manufacturer of seating solutions, we work closely with Eagle Ottawa by Lear to provide dynamic and technical design solutions that exceed customer requirements.


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