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2019 Sustainability Report and Enhanced Policies

December 8, 2020

Suppliers Bulletin

Today’s global business environment is presenting challenges beyond those we have traditionally experienced. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, social and political unrest, the potential for human rights abuses and climate change — Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has become a critical and evolving topic. So much so that our stakeholders are taking an even closer look at how companies do business and manage these risks. 

Supporting our communities, protecting the environment and demonstrating ethical conduct and integrity are key elements of Lear’s core value to “Get Results the Right Way.” Lear is also committed to transparency and continuous improvement and recently published our 2019 Sustainability Report announcing significant new goals and policies to help drive our ESG strategy, such as: 

  • Aggressive climate change goals to aspire to net zero emissions by 2050, while cutting carbon emissions 50% and achieving 100% renewable energy in our plants by 2030 
  • Enhanced Human Rights Policy to align with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and meet our commitments as a signatory participant in the UN Global Compact, which supports human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption 
  • No Deforestation Policy to ensure the responsible sourcing of materials while conserving natural resources 

As our business partners, and an extension of our operations, we expect our supply base to share our commitment to sustainability and protecting the people throughout our value chain, resources and communities. 

As such, we ask that you and your organization review our newly published report, along with the Human Rights and No Deforestation policies, and pass them through to your own supply chains. Please become familiar with the conditions defined within the policies and all additional requirements that we communicate through our Supplier Sustainability Policy, Global Requirements Manual for Suppliers (GRMS) and other resources available on www.lear.com. These are the requirements that must be met by all current and potential suppliers that wish to conduct business with Lear. 

Looking Forward 

As part of our efforts, Lear has contracted NQC Supplier Assurance to conduct assessments of our production supply base to help identify and remedy salient risks through the various supply chain tiers. Soon your business entities will receive notification of Lear’s intent to have NQC assess your individual sites. We ask that you give your full support to NQC and Lear in this endeavor. More details on this initiative are forthcoming. 

Please contact your local purchasing representative(s) if you have any questions with respect to Lear’s new policies and expectations. 

Thank you for your continued efforts and support aligning with Lear’s core values to Be Inclusive, Be Inventive and Get Results the Right Way. 

20201208 2019 Sustainability Report

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