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2022 Lear Supply Chain Sustainability Assessment – SAQ 4.0

March 1, 2022


Suppliers Bulletin

Dear Valued Supplier:

Thanks to those who have responded to Lear’s SAQ 4.0 campaign in 2021. We continue working towards our commitment to improving sustainability in our global operations, communities, and value chain. Lear requires all suppliers to complete the SAQ 4.0 assessment through NQC Supplier Assurance platform. If you have not completed your SAQ, please do so, no later than Mar. 31, 2022.

Beginning this year, Lear will require suppliers to complete an SAQ as a pre-requisite for new business awards at each facility that supplies or intends to supply production material to Lear. By now you should have received an email from sustainability@lear.com inviting you to complete an SAQ. If you have not received any email, please start the SAQ process (below) and fulfill the assessment using the following guidance.

The SAQ 4.0 is available on the SupplierAssurance.com platform, which is administered by NQC Ltd. The SAQ is free of charge for our suppliers.

• Sign-in or register on the platform through https://supplierassurance.com/organisation/register. Add your company name and specific DUNS number.

• When the registration is completed, under the Get started menu please select "Enter invitation code" and then enter the 5-digit invitation code 63CEE, or the latest invitation code that was provided to you via sustainability@lear.com.

• If you are already a registered user of NQC Supplier Assurance and have previously completed SAQ for your company location, simply share the same completed SAQ with the given invitation code. To do so find the SAQ on your dashboard and select "share", under the Options menu select "Enter invitation code" – For further instructions regarding the use of the invitation code, please follow this link: https://supplierassurance.com/faq/en_GB/how_do_i_share_my_completed_questionnaire_answers_with_an_invitation_code

• Please complete the SAQ and upload the relevant documents to support your given answers. Documents are only accepted in the supported languages of Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

• Once you submit your SAQ, the NQC team will validate your uploaded documents, but please look out for communications from them as they may require further information and will follow up via email or a telephone call.

• After successful validation your SAQ will move to a completed status and you will see your score on the NQC platform and may have some recommendations for improvement of your score.

This communication is being provided by Lear Corporation and its affiliates to all production suppliers of goods and services.

• If you need help in completing your SAQ, please visit the help page provided by NQC Ltd. https://supplierassurance.com/help or contact the NQC support team via +44 (0) 161 413 7983 or the live chat available from the orange tab on the right of your screen.

To learn more about Lear’s commitment to sustainability and supplier requirements, see the Supplier Sustainability Policy and Global Requirements Manual and Code of Conduct for Suppliers located on Lear’s Supplier Information Portal.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts.

2022 Lear Supply Chain Sustainability Assessment – SAQ 4.0

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