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2023 Communication to Suppliers – Responsible Materials Sourcing Requirement

July 10, 2023


Suppliers Bulletin

Dear Valued Supplier, 

Lear appreciates your cooperation with and response to our annual materials reporting requirements in alignment with Lear’s Responsible Materials Sourcing Policy. In continuation of our collective efforts to source materials responsibly and drive transparency in our supply chains, we are now launching our 2023 inquiry regarding the sources of conflict minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold), as well as certain other materials such as cobalt and mica, used in our products. As we continue to expand our due diligence requirements, we are also now including copper in the scope of our inquiry beginning this year. 

You will be receiving direct notifications from conflictminerals@lear.com outlining the specific reporting requirements applicable to your company, which will include completing the following standard reporting templates as applicable: 

All suppliers using these identified materials are expected to engage in due diligence with their supply chains to understand and report the sourcing of all products supplied to Lear. For further details, see Lear’s Responsible Materials Sourcing Policy and the Lear Supplier Sustainability Policy. 

We require our suppliers to source responsibly and to conduct due diligence in their supply chains regularly, including to confirm that none of the materials that they deliver to Lear are connected to human rights abuses in conflict-affected and high-risk areas. Suppliers must ensure that their activities and their suppliers are not associated with any prohibited transactions or subject to applicable sanctions, as well as prevent incidents or conditions that may result in a violation of laws and restrictions. See the Lear Supplier Sustainability Policy 

Lear encourages all suppliers to take advantage of guidance and trainings that may be offered and utilize the following industry training resources and tools available for minerals reporting and due diligence guidance. 

For further guidance or questions, please contact conflictminerals@lear.com.

Thank you for your support and continued efforts. 

2023 Communication to Suppliers – Responsible Materials Sourcing Requirement

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