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Carbon Reduction Guidance – December 2022

January 4, 2023


Suppliers Bulletin

This communication is being provided by Lear Corporation and its affiliates to all production and non-production suppliers of goods and services.

The purpose of this bulletin is to promote carbon reduction in Lear’s supply-chain by providing general industry-supported guidance established by automotive manufacturers and suppliers through Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP). This guidance will help your company establish a framework for CO₂ reporting and reduction aligned with common industry expectations.

Please find the “Guidance Document: Carbon Reduction KPIs, Terms & Definitions” attached to this communication. It is also posted in Lear’s supplier portal (https://www.lear.com/suppliers).

Please note there will be more discussions on this topic (including with respect to applicable requirements) in CY 2023. 

Thank you for your efforts in supporting Lear’s carbon reduction goals and efforts. 

Carbon Reduction Guidance - December 2022.pdf

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