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LPAS – Lear Packaging Approval System

July 7, 2020

Suppliers Bulletin

Attention Lear Supplier Administrators: 

Lear is rolling out Lear Packaging Approval System (LPAS) for all Lear North American plants but will be used by all global suppliers. This system will be replacing the current system known as USPEC. LPAS will allow Lear and suppliers to: 

1. Submit packaging for all inbound production components 

2. Southfield Packaging and Plant Materials and Quality to review all submissions 

Transition from USPEC to LPAS will be done in phases to migrate all current data over. During this transition you may have submissions in both systems to submit but once the data has been migrated to LPAS, the data will be inactive in USPEC. Once the last phase is complete LPAS will be the only form of packaging submissions for Lear’s NA plants, this will start July 6th and will be complete by end of Q4. 

Supplier access responsibilities for LPAS are listed below: 

1. LPAS supplier users will be in charge of submitting packaging for inbound components to Lear NA plants. 

2. Lear Supplier Administrators will be responsible for a two-step process for granting access to supplier users for LPAS

        2.1. Admins will first need to set up the users through the eSRM application. https://access2.lear.com 

        2.2. Next the Supplier Administrators will have to login to LPAS and select the ship from location(s) the users need access to. 

When logging into eSRM, Supplier Administrator’s will now see the menu options below. The red highlighted “LPS” menu option was recently added. Supplier Administrators can activate LPAS for themselves and other users by placing a check mark in the “LPS” box on the User Enrollment screen as shown below. 

The following applications are maintained within the eSRM System (https://access2.lear.com): 
• User Enrollment (Supplier ADMIN maintains ALL Users) 

• SQS – supplier quote sheet 

• SPO – supplier PO from legacy SRM 

• LPR – supplier PO from SAP RFx 

LPS – Lear Packaging Approval System 


• SQTS – supplier quality tracking system 

• SRS – supplier rating system 

• eServe (to review invoices, payments, etc.) 

Administrators will then need to log in LPAS (https://lpas.lear.com/) and grant the ship from location(s) the user needs access to for submitting, reviewing or updating packaging for inbound components. 

Log into LPAS (lpas.lear.com) > settings > manage users 

Select “edit” under user(s) you want to add locations to > Scroll to role details > select “Source Supplier” > select all locations the user should have access to > hit “save” 

Users who are allowed access can submit packaging for inbound components, view previous submissions and/or download submitted and fully approved packaging details by part. We recommend providing “LPAS” access to any user who may have access to the current USPEC system and/or those in charge of the suppliers packaging. 

If you have any questions regarding LPAS please see attached manual or send an email to LPASadmin@lear.com. 

20200707 Supplier Bulletin - LPAS

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