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Overseas Shipments Destined to be Imported to the United States

March 7, 2023


Suppliers Bulletin

The purpose of this letter is to serve as a reminder and guide for overseas shipments that will be destined to be imported into the United States. Lear Corporation has been experiencing a lot of shipment delays and added costs due to incorrect documentation. Failure to follow these logistics & customs requirements may result in QN’s being assessed and $100 debit per occurrence as outlined in Lear’s Global Requirements for Suppliers.

This guide outlines the information needed in a Commercial Invoice for a smooth and fast importation process. This is required for any shipment, regardless of transportation mode.

 Commercial Invoice Basic Requirements 

• Invoice to be in English

• Date of shipment

• Name and complete address of supplier

• Name and complete address of Consignee

• Consignee’s Tax ID & legal company name

• Name and address of sold to party

• Notify Party Name and Address

• Purchase Order Number

• Purchase Order Incoterms

• Detailed description of the products in English including:oLear part numbers (if applicable) with description

     o Description of each item (coded descriptions are not valid; description must be sufficient to classify the merchandise in case we do not have an available HTS code)

      o Appropriate HTS code

      o Brand/model/serial numbers, and any other visible ID code (if applicable)

      o Quantity

      o Unit price / Total price per item

      o Country of Origin of the merchandise (this is the country of manufacture)

• Weights and measures

• Currency Type

• Total invoice cost (Must match cost entered on airway bill or bill of lading)

Additional Notes: 

• For HAZMAT / Chemical Products, shipment must include MSDS

The above requirements can be found at https://www.lear.com/Site/Suppliers/Web-Guides.aspx

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Lear US Customs Team at SDL-JHQ03@lear.com

Thank you for your compliance. 

Overseas Shipments Destined to be Imported to the United States

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