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Requirements for Production Tool Transfer Moves

October 2, 2023

Suppliers Bulletin

Dear Valued Supplier,

This Supplier Bulletin is to remind all suppliers the importance of following all requirements for Production Tool Transfer Moves.

These requirements can be found in our Global Requirements Manual and Code of Conduct for Suppliers on www.lear.com.

18.2 Production Location Changes

  • Production Suppliers must obtain advance written approval from Lear for ALL production location changes.
  • Suppliers are to submit a completed "Request for Written Approval for Global External Production Suppliers to Change/Move Production Location" form to their Lear corporate buyer. Copies of the form are available at www.Lear.com under Supplier Development - Supplier Notification of Production Location Change/Move.
  • Suppliers must contact their Lear Purchasing Buyer, Lear Program Management (for customer specific requirements), and the receiving Lear plant(s) for input to determine what is required for obtaining approval for the supplier location change.
  • Any Tool Move Plan must include a production bank to ensure Lear's production and service requirements are not affected.
  • Additionally, all shared tooling must be called out and identified in the Tool Move Plan.
  • All approved PPAP (Level 3 unless otherwise directed) is required prior to the shipment of production material from the new location. An Exit PPAP from the prior facility may be required and must be submitted as requested.
  • Suppliers will be held responsible for any and all costs and/or other liabilities arising in connection with or related to any production location changes.

This requirement includes all tool moves as well as any changes in processing and/or assembly locations, or with any of your sub-suppliers’ tools.

Suppliers are required to submit the completed “Request for Written Approval for Global External Production Supplier to Change/Move Production Location(s)” form to their Lear Corporate buyer and the affected Lear receiving plant(s).

This form must be submitted well in advance of the planned change/move. In many situations Lear Corporation needs to obtain approval from their customer prior to any change.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Reminder - Requirements for Production Tool Transfer Moves

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