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SAP RFx PO Access – Seating Division Suppliers

May 6, 2020

Suppliers Bulletin

Attention Administrators: 

Lear’s Seating Division recently replaced our AS400 Purchasing software with SAP RFx Purchasing software. AS400 and SAP RFx is software that allows Lear and its suppliers to: 

1. Send/receive electronic Purchasing Quotes 

2. Issue/receive Purchase Orders 

Our transition from AS400 to SAP RFx is complete and all electronic quoting and issuing of Purchase Orders FOR THE SEATING DIVISION is now being accomplished through SAP RFx. Supplier access responsibilities for SAP RFx are listed below: 

1. Lear Purchasing Systems is responsible for issuing/maintaining SAP RFx Supplier User ID’s and passwords required for Suppliers to login and receive/submit quotes 

2. Lear Supplier Administrators will be responsible for granting SAP Purchase Order access to Supplier users through the eSRM application https://access2.lear.com 

When logging into eSRM, Supplier Administrator’s will now see the menu options below. The yellow highlighted “LPR – supplier PO from SAP RFx” menu option was recently added. This allows the Supplier Administrator to provide their users access to SAP Purchase Orders. Users who are allowed access to Purchase Orders can search, view, download, email, and/or print full and complete Purchase Orders for their company. We recommend providing “LPR – supplier PO from SAP RFx” access to any user who currently has “SPO – supplier PO from legacy SRM” access. 

The following applications are maintained within the eSRM System (https://access2.lear.com): 

• User Enrollment (Supplier ADMIN maintains ALL Users) 

• SQS –supplier quote sheet 

• SPO – supplier PO from legacy SRM 

LPR – supplier PO from SAP RFx 


• SQTS –supplier quality tracking system 

• SRS –supplier rating system 

• eServe (to review invoices, payments) 

Supplier Administrators can activate SAP Purchase Order access for users by placing a check mark in the “LPR” box on the User Enrollment screen as shown below 

After the Supplier Administrator has activated SAP Purchase Order access for a user, the user can click on the following link to access SAP RFx Purchase Orders https://lprs.lear.com 

The LPRS Supplier User Guide is attached to help users understand how to search, view, download, email, and/or print full and complete Purchase Orders for their company. 

20200506 SAP RFx LPRS AccessBulletin

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