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Advanced Software

Advanced Software

With over 700 hundred software engineers developing solutions for our ConnexUsTM connectivity suite, vehicle electrification systems, and other advanced electronic products, Lear is well-positioned to continue to lead the automotive industry in delivering the next-generation of automotive embedded systems. Lear’s software and systems engineers are currently working with automotive OEMs to develop and launch some of the industry’s most sophisticated central gateways, cellular and V2X connectivity modules, audio and body domain controllers, remote keyless entry systems, lighting modules, and solutions for vehicle electrification. Lear’s advanced software technology, software architectures, and software development process and methods are at the heart of these systems.

State of the art software technologies, including a fully certified radio-agnostic V2X software stack, advanced vehicle positioning software, and an end-to-end solution for over-the-air (OTA) software updates, are the heart of Lear’s ConneXusTM portfolio. Lear’s platform allows 3rd party software providers and OEMs to safely and securely integrate applications and services such as eCall and other new technologies into our connectivity products. To address the pervasive need for vehicle cybersecurity, Lear has developed and integrated advanced cybersecurity solutions into our platform, including virtualization, kernel protection and containerization. And finally, partnerships with top technology providers, including Honeywell, Irdeto, and IBM, enable the integration of new features, including anomaly detection and code integrity checking.

Beyond our ConnexUsTM portfolio, Lear’s software technology prowess has enabled the development and launch of the most secure passive-entry/passive start solution on market, the world’s most sophisticated audio domain control system with active road noise cancellation, engine sound enhancement and multi-zone audio playback, and the first adaptive LED-matrix beam headlamp. Looking to the future, Lear is developing cutting edge software algorithms for monitoring and managing driver comfort, driver safety, and driver health as a part of an overall intelligent seating system.

In the area of software architecture, Lear’s global software experts are developing some of the most efficient, modular, scalable, and secure architectures on the market. Optimization of AutoSAR and AutoSAR adaptive based architectures on multicore platforms, achievement of ASIL-D level functional safety, and development of architectures that can be partitioned into multiple virtual machines supporting Linux, Android and RTOS operating systems are just a few examples. No technical challenge is too great for Lear’s global team of software and systems engineering experts.

Regarding software process, Lear is regularly recognized by our OEM customers for the efficiency and maturity of our co-development infrastructure stemming from our software processes, methods, and tools. This includes a well-established model-based development process and tool-chain, novel application of agile development methods, and a culture of customer and supplier collaboration.

Innovative high-quality software is key to enabling a future of connected, electrified, and autonomous vehicles. With hundreds of software engineers across three continents, and an innovative portfolio of software technologies, architectures, and processes, Lear is creating the future of vehicle technology.     

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