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Lear’s comprehensive security processes are seamlessly integrated into product development, including a cooperative and transparent customer engagement model, overarching vulnerability management and complete security approach with risk assessment, automated source code analysis and extensive security testing.

Our extensive third-party security technology assessment offers a complete security ecosystem, providing in-house security technologies and solutions.

Sophisticated cybersecurity technology protects Lear's vehicle gateways, which make up the electronic heart of a vehicle’s network architecture, among many other Lear components. We design security into our components and integrate security technologies to protect our components’ platform and network connection. We also offer security technologies to protect the entire vehicle and connect to a cloud-based security operations center.

Lear offers cybersecurity technology for its OEM customers to protect potentially vulnerable vehicular systems, since we design all Lear electronics components with class-leading cybersecurity. Unlike competitors who would have to depend on an outside source for cybersecurity capabilities, Lear’s in-house experts design components and overall systems to provide our customers with the peace of mind and confidence that comes from making the best choice in automotive cybersecurity.


  • Lear ConnexUs™ Cybersecurity

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