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EXO High Accuracy Positioning

EXO High Accuracy Positioning

Lear’s EXO High Accuracy Positioning proprietary software works with existing GNSS receivers to provide centimeter-level accuracy anywhere on the globe without the need for terrestrial base-station networks.

At the core of this technology is a correction engine that corrects satellite orbit and clock error with maximum precision as well as a user’s local atmospheric delays, eliminating the inherent error sources of GPS from the final calculated position.

This correction engine sends enhanced data over the internet to GNSS receivers, resulting in precise positioning and ultimately a new generation of safety-focused, location-based applications.

On-vehicle software includes customized sensor fusion algorithms utilizing data available on the vehicle (including accelerometer, gyroscope, wheel-tick, steering angle and odometer data). State-of-the-art multipath mitigation algorithms are incorporated, ensuring reliability of a position even in the densest of Urban Canyons.

Combining the on-vehicle software with our correction service results in a complete vehicle positioning solution built for high accuracy in all conditions.

Lear is leading the industry in connectivity and positioning technologies. Our vision is driven by rigorous efforts focused on solving our customers’ challenges today, and planning for the challenges of the future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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