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Body Domain Controllers

Body Domain Controllers

Lear’s expertise in body electronics features functional integration to create an efficient electronic nexus providing cost and weight savings. Multiple electronic features, such as security and safety functions, interior and exterior lighting, power management and gateway operations are integrated into a single module.

Lear provides scalable solutions for use on low to high-end vehicle platforms. Our robust designs allow for interior or under-hood packaging locations, while our expertise in vehicle networks (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, etc.) delivers optimized communication performance. Lear’s model-based software, auto-code generation and automated testing capability enables more efficient software development and reduces product development time.

Lear’s integrated solutions include Body Domain Controllers (BDC), which builds upon years of expertise from our Body Control Modules (BCM). Our BDC was first-to-market and utilizes a streamlined and more efficient architecture, which is quickly evolving into the new industry standard. With the experienced gained during the development and production of millions of complex Body Domain Controllers, Lear is ready to develop and manufacture Central Computing Modules required to enable tomorrow’s technology.

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