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Structures & Mechanisms

Structures & Mechanisms

Lear’s long history of being first-to-market in automotive seating manufacturing, including first in introducing power tracks and delivering a common seat architecture, inspires our engineers and operations to continue innovating for world-class premium vehicles and provide great value for high-volume car and truck platforms. We offer economies of scale, proven quality and a performance record in delivering a full range of seat structures that meet all global require­ments at competitive prices.

The Lear Super Sport Structure neXt Generation (LS3X) has started production for one of the world’s most impressive and desirable nameplates. We offer full assembly with no welding at a Lear Just-in-Time (JIT) plant and best-in-class seat block height, structure mass, back-rest thickness and performance, along with a focus on alternative materials to reduce weight.

Our best-in-class Apex Low Mass / High Performance Front Seat Structure is also a customizable modular design that meets all global regulatory requirements in our successful realization for increased comfort and safety, while utilizing our patent-pending PowerLinkTM low mass and noise motor bridge bracket for power option.

Lear’s Vanguard Recliner Series comes to market with unparalleled safety, functionality and performance, especially with our EverSafe Pawl SystemTM that provides the reliable performance in a game-changing Lear innovation for new opportunities to optimize complete seating systems.

As a world-class provider of a wide variety of complete Front-Row and Rear Seat systems, recliners, tracks, latches and other innovations in our scalable modular family, Lear’s expertise in front and rear seat architectures also provides a core component for industry-leading vertical integration capabilities around the world.


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